Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Humpday!

Today I'm happy because...

  • the next holiday doesn't revolve around candy.  Thank goodness for St. Patrick's Day.
    2-year olds shouldn't eat green Fun Dip.  Note to self.  Emery ate pink.  Much better choice.
  • I made room in my closet today so that my maternity wardrobe is hanging up and ready for use (and not sitting in a ridiculous pile on the top shelf...).  It's time to embrace the belly. 
    23 1/2 weeks
  • my style has come a long way.  Here's my living room when we 1st moved in.  And then now.  Even though this room will always be "incomplete" in my head (its missing the fabulous yellow curtains, board and batten wall, etc. that I had planned), at some point you have to stop decorating a 3 bedroom house when you want as many kids as we do.  A fireplace redo is still in the works, though! 
  • my dining room table that I redid looks totally amazing.  I'm so happy with the huge ugly $25 table to gorgeous table with style transformation. 
  • when Aaron called as I was putting the kids to bed they were sitting on each other under this.  And their response to dad's "how are you?" inquiry was "We're hyper, giggle giggle giggle..."  Well said, Em.  
    Yes, Van is naked under the plastic tote.  He took his diaper off at 1pm and went naked the rest of the day.  He went poop and pee in the potty every time he needed to go, though!  Good boy!


Lilsmom said...

I love your living room! Its so pretty!

r o y a l said...

Note to self: buy a giant plastic bin.