Monday, July 28, 2008

The Skinny Bovine's Kitchen

Visit my kitchen at, by clicking on the picture above or the link on my sidebar. Any feedback, input or suggestions you have on healthy cooking on a budget are always welcome. Let's consider it a forum. Enjoy!

Friday, July 25, 2008

funny emery...

More girls time!

I got to spend ANOTHER weekend with my girls... this time we were missing Lacee, but added Maggi and Lulu and we had sooo much fun - again! It's funny to be all married and grown up. We spent much of the weekend gaga over Emery and Russ, getting excited about Maggi's growing baby belly and trying to convince Lulu to join the baby club! I'm not sure when we grew up but I love you girls and I'm glad we can have fun and be silly no matter how old (or young) we are!

Handsome Russ-Russ

Super Mex was super yummy!

Wimmer family vacation!

Emery and I got to go to my brother and sis-in-law's amazing beach condo again this year! (Aaron couldn't come because he'll be gone ALL next week for some peak-bagging fun in ID and MT... report to come.) It beautiful and wonderful and soooo good to spend time with family. :) I love my family!

Emery loves Uncle Jer

Mommy's pretty beach baby

Emery loves Auntie Mel

Em and Em

Fun at Sea World

The Shamu show is AMAZING!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Then and Now

Same location (bridge at Sundance), same couple, same month (July), many differences. Can you spot the changes?

THEN (JULY 2005)

NOW (JULY 2008)

THEN (Julu 2005): both fake-and-baked, Britt was a blond, Aaron had scruff, Aaron had wild hair, Aaron was lighter, Britt was heavier, we rock climbed outside at least twice a week, had no responsibilities, favorite activity: spending time together... and actually, we weren't even married yet! (it's an engagement picture)

NOW (July 2008): almost 3 years of marriage expertise under our belts, both white and pasty,Britt's hair is (almost) au naturelle (cheaper), Aaron's hair is... uhhh... gone (by choice, not by genetics - its cheaper too because Britt does it), Aaron is always Cougar-clean shaven, Aaron is heavier, Britt is lighter, we rock climb outside twice a month (if we're lucky), we have lots of responsibilities, favorite activity: still spending time together, we're at least 3 years happier, have 1 baby Emery and a partridge in a pear tree.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Happy belated 4th of July!! We were lucky to have a GREAT 4th of July weekend this year. Thursday we got to go rock climbing in our favorite canyon, Maple Canyon and then camped there Thursday night. Our time in Maple was one of the most perfect days Aaron and I have ever spent together - beautiful weather, our favorite rock climbing, yummy dinner, reading together next to the camp fire and then curling up next to each other in our little tent on either side of our Emery for the night. It was picture perfect!

The rest of the weekend we spent with Aaron's family. Friday we spent the day at 7 Peaks water park. Saturday morning Aaron went wake boarding and then that afternoon we all headed up to Sundance where Em and I rode a ski lift for the 1st time. Sunday we got to visit our BYU 29th Ward and we got so excited to come back home after the summer is over. It was a great weekend. Thanks to Mom and Dad Wilkinson for making it possible and to the whole dang fam for being the most amazing family-in-law anyone could have. If I could have hand picked them they are exactly who I would have picked, so.... Grammy, Mom, Dad, Summer, Garrett, Austin, Harrison, Missy, Ashton, Hyrum, Tiffiny, Josh, Weston, Ammon, Lindsey, Josh, North, Chelsey and Amy - I LOVE YOU!!!

I love my sisters-in-law! Amy, Chelsey, me, Lindsey, Tiffiny, Summer

The married sisters - me (6 months post-pregnant), Lindsey (due next week), Tiff (due Sept) and Summer (due December)

The whole family

Em loves her Aunt Amy

Emery loves her Grandmama