Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cute Kids

 My kids love each other.  Nothing makes this mommy happier! 

I caught him playing tools with Izzy. He put this tiny screwdriver in her hand...

And she dropped it in his box.  He was thriled!

science experiements

sibling wrestling

reading books to baby sister

Em loves that Izzy is getting sturdier.  She's more fun to play with that way.  :)

Hogle Zoo

Thanks to Mark for buying a year pass to the Hogle Zoo!  It gets a lot of people in (mostly little people... but we have mostly little people so it's fine!).  So much fun!

Umm... engagment picture?  Do you think they'd let us put this one on the real announcement in 17 years?

all 4 looking and looking cute?  wow!

we were kind of the shirtless, homeless, nursing babies in random corners-people at the zoo.  we're ok with it.

Edibly cute at 4 months

This chubby girl gets eaten and eaten and eaten around here!  And she loves every minute of it.  She can't get enough of just being loved and kissed and snuggled.  We can't get enough of this happy little one.  We fondly refer to her as "the happiest baby in the world!"  Can't believe she's already 4 months!