Sunday, March 27, 2011

someone stole my car

so, thursday morning i go to yoga at my gym. it's at 8am which means i'm almost always in a hurry since the kids are getting up at 7ish (instead of 6ish) with the time change. i parked my car and ran into the play room to drop off the kids and then sprinted up the stairs to get there just in time to be part of the first down dog. i love yoga. i need yoga. ahhh.

i get done with yoga feeling completely stretched and relaxed, grab the kids and start walking out to my car. i get to where i thought i parked it and it's not there. since i was in a hurry and i go to the gym almost every day and park on the same side of the lot i figured i must just be going crazy and i'd parked somewhere else. but i didn't. i really couldn't find it.

so i dropped my kids back off at the play room and told the staff i couldn't find my car - i must be going crazy - and went to walk the parking lot by myself, expecting to find it without the kiddie distractions. no luck. the car was really gone.

so i went up and told the manager of the gym. and called the police. apparently i'm not the sharpest crayon in the box because i usually leave my diaper bag (and wallet) on the seat when i go into the gym. doh. i called aaron and had him cancel credit cards. i waited for the cops to show up. i filled out the police report. i was really in a "this can't seriously be happening" fog. i kept almost laughing. i think the cops thought i was a little nuts.

and then the next problem. the car had the car seats in it. how do i get the kids home? luckily a girl i've met a few times offered to take my kids home while i stayed at the gym with her kids. i had her take them to my parents' house since i was a little afraid to go home since my garage door opener was in the car too.

so we get to my parents house and i get a call from the police. they found my car - just 3 hours after it was stolen. and its "drivable". an interesting word to use. what does "drivable" mean? completely destroyed but you might be able to get it home without breaking down too often?

nope, it really was drivable. and fine. with the exception of the drivers side front window they bashed to get into the car. and it was less than a block from where it was taken. while i wasn't allowed to touch the car yet, the cop gave me a [much deserved and rather hilarious] lecture about not leaving my bag on the seat. and the criminalistics lady came and fingerprinted my car. and then we looked inside. my wallet was still there! he didn't take ANYTHING!!! it's in kind of a hidden pouch in my diaper bag and i guess the crook didn't see it in his hurry to bail out of the car. poor guy stole a car for only diapers.

moral #1 - don't leave your bag on the seat of your car when you live where i do.
moral #2 - if you're going to leave your bag on the seat, make sure you have a hidden pouch for your wallet.

i got really lucky and feel SOOOO blessed... mostly that i didn't have to spend 3 1/2 hours at the DMV getting my license replaced last week. whew! i'm the luckiest airhead alive!

sorry no pictures. the glass all over the car was rather entertaining, though! i'll leave it to your imagination!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Look at Books with Team Hoopes

My friend, Stacey, is doing a fun spotlight on reading this month with a different post every day about literacy, reading, how to teach your kids, etc. There are some really great tips on there. Check it out here!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IB with the Sampsons

We were a little short on friends in Cedar City, but the ones we did make were good ones. Em's little BFF from Cedar and her mom and brother came with us to the beach for a week to escape the husbandless loneliness. (Thanks again, Colt, for letting me borrow your family!) It was a PERFECT, AMAZING trip. And did I mention the weather was GORGEOUS. And the company was WAY too much fun. It was an awesome trip. Thanks for making the trek with us guys!!

all 4 kids looking at the camera. how often does that happen?

little beach bums admiring our view

happy, cheesy boy

em spent a lot of time as a mermaid

and you can't do the beach without ice cream all over your face and dripping down your arms.

and without sharing the twin bed with your buddy because you CANNOT be separated

cute buddies on the play

the beach babes

goodbye imperial beach! until next time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dual Nappers Today

Other moms of two: does it ever leave you in a slightly confused stupor when your kids both nap AND at the same time? Emery almost NEVER naps and definitely NEVER does it at the same time as Van.

So here I am blogging about it. I'm confused on how to just focus on one thing at a time. I'm used to juggling a munchkin while I clean out the closet or cook dinner. So weird.

I'm going to stop wasting time and try and escape my stupor and be productive. Even though what I REALLY want to do is finish my book. I only have like 40 pages left. No room for guilty pleasures here. Why is that a guilty pleasure for me anyway? Oh, I'm ridiculous.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

when hubby's away, the wife will.... paint

since aaron's gone so much i've taken up amusing myself with re-doing more furniture. here's what i've recently attacked. i'll post after pictures soon. next up - the kitchen table. :)

this piece of lovely i found in on my neighbor's curb in the trash. yes, i'm a trash digger now. whoever tried to refurbish it the 1st time went awfully wrong.
and my trusty old bar stools. bought for $5 each at DI in Cedar City. they needed a new look. who wants boring brown bar stools anyway?