Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A cute family

I got to take pictures of this cute family in my ward. Just thought I'd show off a few of them - they turned out great with such a cute, photogenic family as subjects!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

June and July 2011

Not in any particular order, here's some of what we did in June and July!

Camping with our friends, the Elisons!

this little girl is sooooo cute! her temperament reminds me SOOO much of Emery!

teaching Vanny to burn marshmellows

Elison family, party of 7

I tried for 24 hours to get this kid to smile for pictures. I didn't get very many, but I did get a few!!

Spooky Canyon and Hoover Dam!

Kid Wrestling!

Horse-shaped pancake making!

Playing with dad in the sandbox!

Making silly faces!






Playing naked outside!! (What? - it's hot here!)

Being sick - I mentioned I was sick in a previous post. The kids only got the cold, but it was bad. Really bad. Both my kids holding still at the same time is always a bad sign.

Reupholstering my kitchen chairs!!
Before (nasty - Emery had started asking for a towel to put over the cushion because the seat "itched [her] legs".

After - happy!! (And complete with clear vinyl over the top so I can wipe them off easily)

Diaper/Panty popsicle eating on the porch!!

Pioneer Day Parade! Em makes a cute pioneer!

Splash Pad with Maggi, Jack and new baby Liam!!

I've never seen a sweeter baby, mine included. He's so precious.


Fun at the District with Gram and Pa - Lucille's BBQ for dinner, REI, free carousel and trolley, dancing in the square to live music!