Thursday, November 22, 2007

Preparing for Baby

So Aaron and I started the real, intense baby preparation last weekend. We were supposed to have a 6 hour prenatal class that covered everything from labor signs, to breathing techniques to breastfeeding. Unfortunately the instructor got a bad case of the flu, so Aaron and I will go into labor and delivery only slightly more educated than we are now (I'll be gathering LOTS of advice from experienced moms in the next 5 weeks). Women delivered babies for 1000s of years without birthing classes - I can do it too! :)

So, since Aaron had set the day aside for baby preparation he neglected homework as planned and helped me reorganize our room to get ready for Baby. We have really maximized our tiny space... the floor-to-ceiling drawers below illustrate our creativity.

We've discovered that we aren't the best picture-takers, so Aaron has been getting frustrated that he doesn't have any pictures of his pregnant wife. The photos below part of his resultant explosion of photo-taking. If you'd rather not see my large exposed belly I'd suggest skipping these or at least not clicking to enlarge them! :) These lovely post-work out shots also illustrate what my shirt often looks like after eating these days... messy! Either I'm getting more wreckless and spacey or my belly is really getting in the way.