Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9 months of Emery

My baby girl had her 9 month birthday yesterday! We haven't gone to her doctor's appointment yet, so I'll do an update on her fat stats later. I can't believe how big she's getting. Mommy did a photo shoot and Emery cooperated by NOT smiling in the one outside and trying to escape from the one inside. She's so cute. Aaron and I still find ourselves sitting around laughing about how funny she is after she's gone to bed and getting so excited to hear her chirp in the the morning. There's nothing better than being Emery's parents.

Milestones: 8 teeth (see picture below), army crawls like a champ (is getting really close to real crawling), can pull herself up on things, loves to feed herself but is too wiggly to like nursing anymore :(

Favorite pastimes: ripping up magazines, growling, playing with anything that isn't a toy, biting, giving head bonks (if you'd like one just ask!)

i might look sweet, but these chompers bite... HARD!

ooohh... paper to eat... what is this 9 doing on here?

i'm crawling off the couch... you should have known better than to put me on here, mom.

Nanny and Auntie Chef in Las Vegas

Emery and I spent all last week in Las Vegas helping to watch my niece and nephews while their regular afternoon nanny (grandma) was on vacation. It was a fun week of practicing for when I have 4 kids who need to go to 3 different schools, soccer, baseball, dance, birthday parties, have school presentations, need naps (Emery), etc, etc, etc. I also decided to be their personal chef and make dinner every night which was quite an adventure. (Read more about that and get recipes on The Skinny Bovine's Kitchen). Here are some fun pictures from the week... and a video even!

cute Abe and Emery on our picnic

pretty girly

Emery loves her cousin Jacob

Monday, September 15, 2008

camping attempt and a baby blessing

we went camping on friday night in aspen grove... or should i say attempted to go camping. apparently since the last time we went camping emery has become more aware or foreign surroundings and more unwilling to have her mobility bound than i'd realized. she went to bed okay... with me sitting there helping her. about an hour later, aaron and i were enjoying just laying under the stars, drinking hot chocolate, talking and reading when we heard em crying in the tent. she was not to be consoled. she was cold, but wouldn't stay under the blankets (she's a wild sleeper - all over her crib) and was clearly alarmed by waking up in the tent instead of in our room. needless to say we bailed out of there at 9:30. haha. we were sad that we couldn't finish our night in the mountains, but we'd do anything for our little critter. she's so worth it! :) and regardless, it was so nice to get up into the mountains!

discovering leaves (and no, that's not our RV - we do tents)

cute grumpy face

love that face

on a happier note, we got to spend lots of time with Aaron's family yesterday because our nephew, Railay, was blessed. he is a seriously cute little dude! we were posing he and emery for pictures, so there is a cute one below. oh - and we became an aunt and uncle AGAIN yesterday! welcome Hailey Belle! we can't wait to meet you!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Foot Tattoos: The Wilkinson's TV-free entertainment

so we got rid of our TV... and it rocks! partly because we do silly stuff like this instead, partly because we watched GOP VP pick Sarah Palin's speech on a live stream on FoxNews.com the other night, partly because we have more room in our apartment and partly because we are reading again! yahoo for no TV!!

can anyone identify either of the scenes on our feet?

just because they are so stinking cute...