Saturday, February 6, 2010

In case I don't have your email...

Here's our 2010 Wilkinson Family New Years Letter... hot off the presses (and 1 month late!) With pics we included at the bottom. And everyone keeps asking who took our lovely family pictures - that would be my mom with her fancy shmancy camera and a little bit of location inspiration from her best friend Dana. We were super happy with them! Thanks mom (and Dana)!

In 2009 together, we:

  • lived in 3 difference citites - Provo, Cedar City and Las Vegas.
  • took our 1st trip without kid(s) - to Arches National Park.
  • welcomed our baby boy in October.
  • finished his Bachelors degree at BYU and his Master's degree at SUU.
  • found a new passion for biking and rode his first century ride (111 miles around Utah Lake).
  • accepted his dream job with Deloitte for fall 2010 and an internship with Southwest Gas in the mean time.
  • worked as a mommy, property manager and did editing work for a professor at BYU.
  • gave birth to baby #2. If they're all like this delivery I'd have a dozen.
  • kept her family well fed and blogged about it at
Emery (2 years old):
  • learned to walk like a 2 year old and talk like an adult.
  • loves bugs, nursery (her church class), Dora the Explorer, Peter Pan, Snow While, anything with sugar and her "Grandmas" and "Pas".
  • has a lovely singing voice and has committed several songs to memory - ABCs, Twinkle twinkle little star, Away in a Manger and I Am a Child of God.
Van (2 months old):
  • was born!
  • learned to smile, laugh, love his family (especially his sister) and dislike his carseat.
  • got lots happier when mom figured out he's dairy intolerant. :)
We have been so blessed this year and are very excited (and maybe a little bit apprehensive) to be moving out of the "school" phase and into the "adult" phase. Luckily, with as much Peter Pan roll playing as we do around our house, we'll never really grow up. We love you all and wish you a happy 2010!

Aaron, Britt, Emery & Van Wilkinson