Monday, April 27, 2009

presenting Aaron Wilkinson, BS in Accounting, Brigham Young University

i'm so proud of my graduate! aaron worked so hard to get this far and i'm so proud of him. graduation was great and it was fun to celebrate with both families.

SUU here we come!! But don't worry... we still (and always will) bleed Cougar blue. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

easter weekend

we went to vegas for easter weekend! not many easter pics but cute ones nonetheless. thanks for a fun weekend mom and dad! em and cousin miles got to play, but i guess i didn't get any pics. whoops! they were adorable though!

dancing with grandpa

one of the many cute cuddly moments with grandma. i don't know what she does to get cuddled.

hanging out with dad

"ish... ish... ish...."

fish ("ish") is one of emery's few words (others: mom, dad, yes, no, jesus, whoa, delicious) so she had a hay day when grandma terry took all of the kids to the aquarium this week. she just walked around saying "ish... ish... ish...." for the 1st 20 minutes. she loved it. thanks mom!

em loves grandma!

she made up her own sign for crab so she loved this crab!

with auntie amy

Monday, April 6, 2009

what makes me smile?

this adorable little girl - that's what! crazy pigtails, messy face, i love my little rambunctious ragamuffin! being her mom is my dream come true.

messy pigtails.

cutest. face. ever.

em's animal sounds (she doesn't "oink" like a pig, she grunts like a pig, just so the pig noise isn't confusing!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

baby wilkie #2

we're excited to announce baby wilkie #2! i'm due october 13th and am glad to be pulling out of the 1st trimester. this pregnancy has been way different than my 1st with Emery, so who knows - it may be a boy! :)

and i almost put a "floating embryo" pregnancy ticker, because as our friend janae said, "I noticed that many people have a floating embryo on their blog, so I wanted one too. Isn't that reason enough to get pregnant?" haha. she's hilarious. i chose one that didn't display the days prominently (that's a LOT of days) but the weeks instead - seems like much less time!