Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm pregnant!! Above is Baby Wilk's first picture at about 6 weeks, but I'm about 9 weeks now. (For those of you experienced moms saying - "Why'd she get an ultra sound at 6 weeks?" - it's a long story... call me sometime and I'll tell you!) I'm due December 30 so my future accountant husband (and me too) is requesting all of your prayers for a 2007 baby because we'll get a bigger tax return! All is well so far with the pregnancy. I've felt really good except for some nausea... which actually almost disappeared last week so we're hoping that is not a fleeting trend.

Despite the myth that "all men want boys first", Aaron is dying for a little girl and says he's positive it is one. He now refers to my belly as "she" and it is contagious because I'm calling it she now as well. Only time will tell, but boy or girl I want the baby to look just like it's daddy... see my favorite baby picture of Aaron below. Sooo cute!