Friday, March 6, 2009

we're alive

yes, we're alive! we've just been busy having fun (since Aaron finished the GMAT and we have a life again!). here's what we've been up to.

A climbing trip to St. George (Moe's Valley) with Aaron, Jenn and Tanner. We had fun climbing but I've never seen two kids have more fun playing in the dirt.

em was pretty happy about holding Tanner's hand on the way to the boulders

happy, dirty kids (examine closely for the dirt in their hair, etc.)

tanner and jenn

the dads and the kids

squirmy em and mom

sweet action shot - nice face aaron!

emery loves dirt. seriously. watch the video!

another fun adventure... a hike up rock canyon. emery loved hiking and wanted help climbing up all of the big rocky hills. it was too little rock eater

cute family

dad helping emery slide on the snow - which she thought was the funniest thing EVER.