Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maple Canyon

Anyone who knows us very well would not be shocked to know that the 1st weekend we were in Utah we took the kids to Maple Canyon.  Our favorite place in the world.  We fell in love there.  The kids had a blast climbing and we had so much fun watching them learn something we love so much.

dirty face = fun day!



My best friend Bekah and I haven't lived in the same state until just after we both got married.  Well now we do!!  And we are loving it!!  Our kids are having a blast together and their mom's just can't get enough of each other.  And she celebrated a birthday this week!  Happy birthday to the most fun person I know, Bek!  Love you!

Fun at The Farm at Thanksgiving Point

Tracy Aviary in SLC

another great picture to hang on the wall at their wedding reception....

don't we make cute people?

The big move and random pics since

We've obviously been busy since the big move... since I dropped off the face of the blogging planet!  Here are some random fun pics from the last 2 months!

mama and cute baby enjoying a picnic outside on the drive to Utah - I'm sure it was pretty hot, but I insisted we eat outside because it just felt so darn much cooler!

this little man managed to get cuter and cuter

his 1st day of "mommy school" (created so he wasn't so sad about Em leaving for school 3 days a week - and because its fun!)

Our little school girl on her 1st day - she LOVES preschool!!  She comes out with a huge smile on her face every day and is making friends.  She's loving it!

lots of bike riding and tree climbing in the park          

lots of injuries since we got here - serious black eye for my little beauty

picking lots of raspberries from Grandma's bushes

and Izzy's a serious giggler!!!!
catching snakes in Grandma's yard

2 visits from Gram and Pa

and this baby is getting chubby!!!!!

Boulder Beach

Did you know there's a beach at Lake Mead?  Well, there is!!  It isn't exactly white sand and palm trees, but the water was warm and the kids thought it was a blast.  Here are pictures from one of Julie and I's sunset trips to Lake Mead.  We'd stay til dark and then put them in their pjs and drive them home.  Such a blast!

Speaking of Irvins, we are sure missing our friends.  Em talks about Jayne constantly (and they've taken up regular face time on the iPhones to fill the void) and Van keeps randomly telling me stuff he wants to show Jersey ("I show Jersey my tape measure"). 

WWW Reunion 2012

Right before we moved, the girls and I went to my family reunion in San Diego.  Remember how Emery was home scary sick (105+ fever, pink eye - awesome) for a week?  Well Van got it too (all of us got pink eye, if the truth be told), so he and Aaron stayed home for a sick boys weekend and I took the girls to CA.  It was really fun to have a girls weekend, actually, and the boys had fun too!

And it was GREAT to see all of my wonderful family.  My dad took most of the pictures, but we enjoyed lots of things not pictured - the adult dinner, beach day (including some great waves with Auntie Britt and Abe and then with Emma too - so fun!), Steers (my grandma's family) reunion, and Izzy swimming with Grandpa, and just lots of fun relaxing and catching up with my family.  They are wonderful!! 

this baby was quite a hit at the adult dinner

and very loved by all the cousins

this beauty did lots of her favorite activity all weekend - Izzy holding
Izzy holding on the beach is the best kind

Em and my cousin Demi (my dad's baby sister is 20 years younger than him - her baby is 8 months younger than my Emery - fun, huh?)

Grandpa and the Abe man