Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 months of Emery and more

Emery hit her 3 month mark last week and for some reason I don't seem to care how long she is or how big her head is, but I did weigh her and she weighed in at 12 lbs 11 oz. Cute little fatling! Inspired by her friend Felicity she took a diaper-only pic in celebration of being alive for 3 months (in the exact same booties - don't you guys love those Kelli and Kurt?). There is one with clothes too for those of you offended by baby nudity.

We took another quick trip to Vegas for my friend Bekah's baby shower and for Aaron to interview with Nevada Power for a summer internship (which he got! yeah!). It was a fun trip and of course we got cute pics.

Bek and I, our babies and the glowing Grandmas

Emery and Baby Russ putting the moves on each other

Sweet moments with Great-mama

Okay... random cute pics as usual. I know... there are lots of them. I can't help it if she's cute a lot!

Emery and buddy Jacob... they kind of look like they're afraid of each other here though

Helping dad study (aka eating his highlighter)

Emery and her spiritual mentor, Bishop Dicou

Stylin' girl

All smiles