Sunday, February 24, 2008

My New Friends

Hi all - Emery here! So, I'm sooooo excited because I've had so many friends born lately and I just wanted write about how excited I am! These are some of my forever friends and I can't wait to meet them!

This is my cousin Miles (my mom's brother Matt and wife Amy's little dude). He is 2 weeks younger than me. We're going to meet for the first time in just 8 days! I'm so excited!

This is Angela. She is just a few days younger than me. Mom and Dad's friends Adam and Rachel are her parents. Dad and Adam served in the Philippines, Angeles Mission together.

This is Jewell. We are exactly 1 month apart and she belongs to mom and dad's climbing buddies Jeanie and Travis.

This is baby Russ. He was just born yesterday, so that would make us 8 weeks apart! He is mommy's best friend Bekah's little guy. Cute, huh? I might have my first crush. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A name and a blessing...

Aaron blessed Emery in Church this last weekend. He gave her a beautiful blessing, much of it revolving around spending her life in the service of others. I hope she lives up to the wonderful things that the Lord inspired her daddy to bless her with because it would truly make her angel in the Lord's hands. It was wonderful to be surrounded by family and to see everyone loving our little girl! (And thank's Auntie Summer for letting your neice borrow Missy's dress. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Missy and Emery! That would have been so cute! Emery was also styling hand-knit booties from her Great Grandma Wimmer, her blessing day bracelet from Emily Earl Nelson and mom's first experiment with homemade headbands.)

Beautiful Emery Mae

The proud parents

Sandwich kisses

With Grandpa Wimmer - Grandma Wimmer got really sick and couldn't make it! :(

With Grandma and Grandpa Wilkinson

With Great Grandma Wilkinson

our smilely girl

Emery's latest trick is smiling and it is soooo stinking cute! She's really turning into such a cute little person! She has a goofy smile in this picture because she's extra happy in the morning when she wakes up!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good News Minute

There's a phenomenon in many LDS Relief Societies called the good news minute, but since I haven't been able to go to Relief Society since Emery was born, I'm going to have a good news minute on the blog instead!

Emery Mae sets sleep record
Emery's been sleeping great lately (4.5-6.5 hours at a time once during the night for the last week and a half) but two nights ago she beat her record at a little over 7 hours! And just when I thought the little rugrat couldn't get any more amazing she slept all the way through the night last night! 8 WHOLE HOURS! I actually woke up before she did... in a puddle of breast milk. Haha. I love that the Lord gave me a pre-programmed, great sleeping baby because as far as I'm aware you cannot teach a 6 week old to sleep through the night. I think He's bribing me to keep wanting to have lots of kids, and it's working!

Dirtbag Climbing's business climbs
For those of you who don't already know, Aaron sews. No, not sequened dance costumes, but chalk bags for rock climbing (he's also ventured into a few other rock climbing accessories). He's always sold his bags at the local gear shop, MountainWorks, and in the past year has expanded his formerly unnamed business to a few local climbing gyms. Well, recently some larger clients have been pushed his direction and so we finally had to give it a name (Dirtbag Climbing - "dirtbag" is a complimentary climbing term for someone who lives the climber's dream of being on the road for months at a time, living in your van and just climbing), standardize pricing, find someone to outsource big orders to, etc. We're hoping these big fish will bite and that we can keep expanding to other bigger clients as well!

Reflections of a college graduate
Even though I knew it was coming, I got a much-welcome surprise in the mail last week - my college diploma! I've felt "graduated" for a long time since I haven't been in school for almost a year, but my 2 credit Health and Physical Education class (fondly known as HEPE to you Cougar readers), finally and painfully completed in November, delayed my actual graduation until now. It was kind of sad actually receiving my diploma when a part of me hoped that they'd call me and say they'd made a mistake and I still have a bunch of classes to take. But I'm proud to be a college graduate and it definitely gave me warm fuzzies to think about hanging it up on our wall. I'm no less educationally obsessed now that I'm officially done though... I started reading Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals this week and it's starting to get me excited to start thinking about writing my own book again!

World's best husband loves his wife - even during mid-terms
I have the best husband in the whole world! I just hope I won't be the demise of his burly mid-terms since he came home early (at 9) twice during the week to let me go to the gym. I had my post-partum doctor's appointment on Monday and couldn't wait to go. He's so sweet to me and watched Emery twice during the week and then again last night and this morning so I could work out... and man, it felt good!
Wow! Congrats if you made it all the way through this post! Sometimes a blog post turns into a long journal entry... whoops!