Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!

So, Aaron was right... our cute little shrimp is a girl! And we have the pictures to prove it! The ultrasound technician called it a "text book" shot - there's no way it's not a girl! (For those of you familiar with ultrasound shots, she has the 3 characteristic lines that denote female anatomy.)

When the ultrasound first started she was all curled up in a ball, wiggly as can be... wiggling so much in fact that it took a while to spread her out and get her to hold still long enough to get a good shot of certain things. She's perfect (as far as the normal checks for birth defects go) and we just think she's perfect otherwise as well!

She seems to be quite the acrobat - she wakes up every night at about 8:30 and does such big somersaults that Aaron can feel them. The ultrasound pictures show it too. All of her profile shots include her leg and foot - which were conveniently placed right above her head the entire time!

For those of you who can appreciate the implications of what it means to have "Wimmer Ears" I think this picture below may be our first proof of her mother's highly dominant ear genes. :)

Other than all of the dorky stuff I thought was cool like seeing all 4 chambers of her heart beating, the different parts of her brain and her spine in sections (because she was still curled up in a ball), it was also really cool to see her little fingers and toes move and her mouth open and shut. So cool! We just can't believe she's really there and that we'll get to hold her and love her so soon. We can't wait!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Climbing and Pickle Juice

We went to our favorite climbing area yesterday - Maple Canyon, which we fondly refer to as "the place we fell in love" - and Aaron was pleasantly surprised to find his wife more daring than he thought she'd be already half way through her pregnancy. It was just a fun, easy climbing day, but we enjoyed just being outside together and having a Saturday with no other comittments but playing with each other - a rarity as of late.

I add this picture for two reasons - 1 - you can see my little belly getting bigger and 2 - Aaron wanted to make sure the whole world knew I was drinking pickle juice at the cragg - something he figured every pregnant woman should do but was cracking up when I actually wanted to. We brought some pickles with us (which have been tasting surprisingly delicious lately) and I drank the juice when they were all gone! I think Aaron took 5 pictures of me and the pickle juice. He thought it was totally hilarious for some reason! :)