Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Becky Tagged Me!

Here it goes!

A- Attached or single: Attached
B- Best Friends: Aaron, my mom and my girls - Maggi, Lacee and Bekah
C- Cake or Pie: definitely depends on what kind of cake and what kind of pie. Let's say both just to be fair.
D- Day of choice: Sunday! Church, no work, Aaron's home 1/2 of the day and a dinner feast!
E- Essential item: my USB drive - never leave home without it!
F- Favorite color: brown - weird, I know
G- Gummy bears or worms: worms - the sour ones
H- Hometown: Las Vegas/Henderson, NV
I- Indulgences: chicken (and by "chicken" I mean cookie dough that Aaron and I make and keep in the freezer... Aaron likes to pretend I don't know what he's snacking on and calls it "chicken")
J- January or July: July
K- Kids: Just my little buddy Emery
L- Life is not complete without: my sweet hubby, Em, my red heads and my Elkay, good food and laughter
M - Marriage Date: October 14, 2005
N- Number of Siblings: 3 brothers (yes, I'm the only girl, but have acquired 7 sisters-in-law! Lucky me!)
O- Oranges or apples: both, depends on my mood
P- Phobias or fears: Aaron dying any time before me
Q- Quotes: James Therber, "Love is what you go through together" (from the 2008 LDS Worldwide Leadership Training)
R- Reason to smile: Emery, enough said.
S- Season: spring and fall for the opposite reasons
T- Tag three friends: Magg, Bek and Michelle
U- Unknown fact about me: Hmmm... I'm kind of an open book so that is a hard one. I'm a huge nerd. No really, a REALLY huge nerd. In fact, a huge paper I wrote just won an award... and $150 bucks! Wahoo! :) I wouldn't be truly nerdy unless I were more excited about the award than the cash... and such is the case.
V - Very favorite store: Robert's Crafts
W- Worst habit: Repeating funny lines in movies out loud and then laughing. I realized on Saturday night (while watching "Dan in Real Life" with Mag, Bek and our hubbies) that I do that and I was literally driving myself nuts but still couldn't stop.
X- X-ray or Ultrasound: Ultra-sound I guess... reminds me of being pregnant! I love being pregnant!
Y- Your favorite food: Man... that's a hard one for someone who loves food so much. Let's just say anything yummy and delicious! Especially things I make myself because it's fun to see what I can create!
Z- Zodiac: Capricorn

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well overdue updates

WARNING! This will be a rather long post. We've had lots of excitement the last few weeks... which probably explains why we haven't posted and therefore have lots to blog all of a sudden!

Emery's 2 month birthday!
Yeah for our cute little rugrat being 2 months old (on Feb 29th)! Her two-month fat stat was 10 lbs 9 oz so she's still gaining more than an ounce per day. (Meaning she's probably inching up on 12 lbs by now!) Go Emery! She officially declared herself a giggler yesterday so we'll have to post a video of that soon. We love being her parents and constantly find ourselves talking mostly about how cute she is in the limited time Aaron and I get to spend together these days. :)

Em with all of the toys she owns on/near her 2 month b-day
Trip to Las Vegas
The weekend of Em's 2 month mark we took a quick weekend trip down to Vegas to visit my family. Emery was a great little travel buddy... though her wiggliness necessitated a few stops strictly for wiggling purposes (car seat doesn't give her enough room and she gets frustrated). On the trip Emery met her Uncle Bry, Uncle Jer, Aunt Mel and cousins Jacob, Emma and Abe (Em is their first cousin so they were pretty excited!). She and cousin Emma (fondly known as "Em and Em" by Grandpa) had matching dresses and pjs for the occasion. Pic of the matching dresses below. She also met her all three of her great grandparents on my side - Grandma and Grandpa Wimmer and "Great-Mama" Ila Mae Britt (my namesake and her's as well). Great-Mama loved her through a mask since she was sick and we wanted to make sure Em didn't get it! :(

Emery and Great-Mama Ila Mae Britt

Emery and Emma in their matching dresses

Emery and cousin Jacob just relaxing

Emery and Abe
Bryan, Aaron and Jacob on their hike to the top of Clark Mountain (pic is missing my dad, Pink and Van who also went)
A moment of wiggling frustrations for Em in the carseat on the way there. That's a seriously cute sad face.

Meeting cousin Miles
Matt and Amy were in Utah for Amy to interview for a fellowship to do her PhD at Utah State so the day after we got back from Vegas we took a quick jaunt up to SLC so Emery and Miles could meet (Miles is Emery's cousin, just 2 weeks younger than her). They completely love each other... or at least we think so. They laid on a blanket together just wiggling and holding hands and kicking Grandpa in the head. It was adorable.

Grandpa in heaven with his 2 newest grandbabies

Holding hands - soooo cute!

Miles does like Emery, despite his projected tongue shown here

Emery the nun?
The video tells the story better than I ever could. Sorry it's sideways!

Adventures at the Dinosaur Museum... sometime back in February!

Thanks to Grandmama Wilkinson, her grandbabies - even the tiniest ones - get to enjoy the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point! Way cool!

My little buddy and me

Grandma making Emery laugh

Grandma and her grandkids with the ginormous prehistoric shark!

Random cute pics!

Sleeping beauty

Emery's "This isn't funny! Quit taking pictures, don't change my diaper, just FEED ME!" face.

Emery's inquisitive face in her play gym... it's fun to watch her little eyes bounce around and try to decide what is the most fun to look at!

Busted for chocolate consumption... or should I say FRAMED!

Emery and Cami Gourley hugging! We loved seeing Clint, Clare and Cami visiting from Wisconsin last week!