Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was so fun this year! I didn't get pictures of the egg hunt with the cousins, but I did get a picture of Em dying eggs, a lovely one of Em and I working on the eggs (thanks, Aaron), and a dog pile on mom picture. it really was fun!

and the last picture is of Emery sitting on the couch looking at pictures of Christ. before church we sat down with just her and explained why we celebrate Easter. it was so special to be able to bear testimony of the resurrected Savior to our 3-year-old and see just how seriously she took it. she sat on the couch and just looked at pictures of Jesus for 5 more minutes, all by herself, when we were through. what a sweet girl we have! she's doing the 1st Article of Faith in Primary tomorrow. what a big girl!

happy laundry room!!

i found this oh so yummy pint of paint on the discount paint shelf at Home Depot a while back for $1. yes, you read that correctly. $1.

but a pint of paint only paints like 80 square feet. just the size of the back wall in my laundry room. now i have a happy laundry room!! and i painted it all by myself while Aaron was studying one night last week. :)

got the shelf for $3.75 at Goodwill already cute, white and distressed!

and this is my real life, in the process of doing laundry, laundry room. not the "i just made it look perfect for the picture" laundry room. pardon my laziness!

here's the before. yawn.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We just got back from DISNEYLAND! We had a completely magical and amazing time at the happiest place on earth. Thanks to Mark and Bek (lovingly known as my Disneyland maid) for letting us crash their house, lives and refrigerator - and for just spoiling us in general. We could seriously hang out with you guys forever. We love you! The kids played so cute and were all pretty happy (generally speaking) for being so completely out of their routines. We can't wait to do it again!

Emery was, as expected, completely obsessed with the Princesses. She met 5 and Rapunzel waved and smiled right at her as she passed her after she heard Emery say, "Gasp! It's Rapunzel!". I was really impressed with how in character the Princesses were. They were so cute with Emery and really made her feel special and excited. And don't worry, I only cried like 6 times. There's just something so emotional about watching your babies' dreams come true. Disneyland is so magical. I love it.

I wish I could tell you that this is an exaggeration of my excitement pulling into Disneyland, but it's not. I was seriously going to pee my pants!

one of my favorite moments of the trip - Emery found a Jessie hat and then a Woody hat and brought it to Van. cute!

Van LOVED the teacups

Van was not amused with the only character he met

Pocahontas was my favorite that Emery met. She was DARLING!!!!

the kids rode horses in Griffith Park. definitely a highlight of the trip. Van was even big enough to ride and he LOVED it!

Mark works for Disney and gave us the grand tour of the Disney lot where he works in Burbank. It was so cool! We saw costumes from recent movies (think Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter and Alice - so cool) and lots of original sketches and story boards... along with lots of other things. Here's the Tangled story board.

This is the building where the Disney executives (like Bob Iger) have their offices. It's really cool - see how the building is being held up by the Seven Dwarfs? It's because the whole company was built with the money that Walt Disney made from Snow White. Kind of fun.

Van wasn't sure about the sand for over an hour. Once he watched Lukey the sand monster eat if for that long though he decided it must be okay.

nap on the beach - on mom. He really looks too big to sleep on me in this picture. and he is. he's HUGE these days!

trip to UT

our trip to UT right before Chelsey's wedding was so fun! we got to go to the zoo with the Rust boys and see a few friends while we were there too.

and we got to play with all of the cousins together the day after the wedding. pioneer park in St. George is a blast for kids! we all did "the crack" and just played and played and played!! we miss our UT family so much!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chelsey and Taylor's Wedding!

Aaron's little sister got married this weekend. We're so happy to have Taylor in our family. The kids LOVE Uncle Taylor.... and so do the adults. :) The setting and the couple were perfect.

Chelsey was crazy enough to ask me to do the pictures at her wedding. Yes, crazy. I heisted my mom's fancy camera and away I went. The bride was absolutely STUNNING! I hope my pictures do her justice. They are such goof balls and were so fun to photograph. Now I know why people do this for a livWe love you guys!