Sunday, July 22, 2012

In July...

She smiles...

and smiles....

and smiles.
He picks the coolest 110+ degree outfits (a beanie and work boots)

She weighs 10 lbs (50%) and is 22 1/2 inches long (75-90%)  at 6 weeks

She naps on her beautiful grandma

She spends 4 days home with a fever, but is still impossibly cute
He takes his family biking in the rain

He does cool bike tricks in the garage

He gets into mommy's mascara.  Twice.  (He really has gorgeous eye lashes.  And didn't so 1/2 bad applying the mascara....)

She plays Cinderella and cleans the church

She has the cutest face in the world

She has 2 daughters.  Wow.

She goes swimming for her 1st time.  And sleeps the the pool for all 25 minutes of it.

He helps dad fix stuff. 
She gets back on the bike (and treadmill, elliptical, down dog, etc.).  And then pumps.  This baby takes a bottle.  Hallelujah!! 

Ashton Family Reunion

Aaron's mom is one of 12 children.  They have the most FUN family!  They have more fun together than any siblings I've ever known.  Aaron really understands why I need my girlfriends... and never seems to be shocked when I'm extra crazy, silly or giggly when I'm with them.  I finally realized why - he's watched his mom and her 6 sisters do the same thing his entire life.  They are darling and hilarious.  Just how sisters should be.  And the brothers are wonderful, too.  They are an amazing family with an incredible amount of unconditional love for each other. It was so fun to spend almost a week with the 12 siblings and spouses and most of their children and grandchildren. 

We drove through my father-in-law's home town of Santa Paula, CA on the way to the reunion and got the play by play as we drove of all of the meaningful spots from his childhood - including a replay of the exact spot he proposed.  So adorable.  It was so magical to see so many places so meaningful to his life. 

Then we drove down the canyon into Ojai - my mother-in-law's home town.  Again - so magical to be in the place where her VERY magical childhood took place.  The reunion included parties at Uncle Trevor's beautiful home, the Ojai 4th of July parade and fireworks, parties at Aunt Nona's (Emery's new favorite place), a beach party and even a 1 1/2 days camping and playing on Santa Cruz Island (90 of us in matching blue reunion sweat shirts - people were shocked it was all 1 family!).  Oh ya - and an extremely elaborate treasure hunt.  This family knows how to party! 

We had a blast and Izzy (5 weeks old at the time) was a trooper.  She really did surprisingly great!!  What an angel baby!  Thanks, Ashton family, for the great reunion!  Can't wait til the next one!

the little girly cousins LOVE Uncle Taylor (Hailey and Emery)

Van thought this was a great way to watch the parade on the 4th of July

Lindsey, Tiffiny, me, Chelsey and mom at the 4th of July Parade

Awesome trampoline wrestling war at Aunt Nona's

This describes the fun my kids had at Aunt Nona's - Emery in an amazing dress from Aunt Nona and Nina, drinking a soda, Van picking cumquats off the tree and eating them.  And no bedtime.  YES!!!!!!

Reenacting the proposal.  I'm so glad she said yes!

Our family of 5 at the beach party!!

Izzy and Catalina.  My sister Lindsey and I had baby girls just 2 weeks apart.  Great timing, eh?

Most of the Wilkinson cousin crew waiting to get on the boat to go to Santa Cruz Island

Casey and Jojo with Izzy baby.  I met so many cousins I'd never met before.  Like I said - I LOVE this family!

Van in Casey's hat.... with Casey's girlfriend Rainey (she's a keeper) and  Jojo's husband Casey behind them

Pulling up to Santa Cruz Island

The world's best babysitters - Ally and Jilly. 

Sunset at the top of the mountain for family devotional on the island

Hailey and Nathaniel at the family devotional.  I've never seen two happier people!

Van played in the drinking water spicket and got his 1 pair of pants completely soaked.  So Uncle Lee kept him warm during the devotional.  Thanks, Uncle Lee.  (Uncle Lee also caught him trying to pee and poop at least 3 different times.  Van thinks camping means going outside.... not in an outhouse.  He actually pooped right next to the outhouse once.  Awesome.)

Ocean kayaking - Aaron with our seal friend.

REALLY big smile in a sea cave

Missy and Emery kayaking with their dads

Van and dad kayaking

On the boat back from the island we drove through a pod of 1000 dolphins!  Yes - 1000!!!  It was one of those things you're pretty sure only happens on the Discovery Channel.  It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen.  Watching them all swim all around the boat, jumping in and out of the water.  Unforgettable. 

"Home on the Hill" - the Ojai mansion where my mom in law and her 11 siblings grew up.  I can see why their childhood was so magical.  The place has a bell tower, is surrounded by these majestic hills and to top that - it was haunted.  Crazy stories. 

Lindsey, Josh H, Tiffy, me and mom - gorgeous view from the top of the island

Linds and I with our tiny girls.  They were great little adventurers!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Izzy at 1 month

 I can't believe you've been here for 1 month already, little girl!  I've never enjoyed a newborn so much.  I love being your mommy.  Thank you for being my baby. 

Classic Izzy - the stoic face

Yawning in her blessing day tutu and bow made by mom and grandma.  Don't you love her round little belly?