Friday, March 16, 2012

Week in Orem

The kids and I got back today from a week in Orem.  We went to run away from our lonely, dad-less house and to see the Hatches (who live in NM and we don't see very often, and who were also in Orem this week) and to see Bekah and Lulu and their new babies.  Such a fun trip even though my kids decided to be bad sleepers all week and are now completely exhausted... and more terribly behaved than they've possibly ever been.  Awesome. Forgot my regular camera, but here's what the iPhone happened to capture!

Grandma spoiled all of us as usual and we had an awesome trip!!  Emery cried for 30 minutes on the way home because she missed Grandma because "she's so fun!".   I told you she was exhausted.  I can't remember the last time she cried for 5 minutes much less 30.  :)

Discovery museum in SLC - Emery LOVES the little house and the store

Van filled up this car at the museum with gas every 5 minutes or so

Em the mail carrier

Lots of smoothie drinking - clothing optional

Caleb (Lulu's oldest), Lukey (Bek's middle) and Van.  The 2 year old dudes. 

Pregnant sisters.  Lindsey is due a month before me.  And obviously isn't as scragamuffin as I am.  :)  And there were 2 more sisters who had babies in Nov and Jan.  4 cousins in 8 months.  Great timing, girls!

GORGEOUS weather for March in UT.  Snacks in the grass with the Hatch cousins.  Emery LOVES these two!

Throwing sand at the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.  Followed by more sand throwing.  Followed by a time out. 

Girls Night.  Ahhhhh. 


Mark & Bek said...

Thanks for coming. I had such fun with you!