Monday, October 17, 2011

beach and camping with Mark and Bek

We celebrated our 6th anniversary on Friday by going to California for the weekend and had so much fun!  On Friday we went to Leo Carrillo State Park and enjoyed a very warm beach day (until some crazy fog rolled in and it got cold!), tide pools with anemones, crabs, snails and star fish, sand castle building, caves and just being together.  We had never been to the beach (a CA beach) with the 4 of us together and it was so fun!  Emery loved playing in the sand and making friends with all of the little girls on the beach and Van loved running and splashing in the water. 

crazy face kids
crazy face mom
crazy face dad
six years - i love this furry man

Then we headed to hang out with our favorite California hosts, Mark and Bekah.  We stayed up way to late talking as usual, visited the canals in Venice (which were AMAZING!), went to Venice Beach - aka the human zoo, then drove to Malibu Creek Canyon for some camping.  So glad we could carry on that tradition this year again.  Thanks for another fabulous California adventure - we love you guys!
4 car seats, 4 adults...
and camping stuff and food for 8 people, all in Ruby!  Love our car! 
cute Lukey
big muscles!
the canals at Venice - so pretty!


r o y a l said...

You need to do a "How to Camp with Babies and Children" post. One day I'd like to camp again, and I have no idea when our midget will be old enough!

Jenn Miyamoto said...

Happy SIX years!! Yay! PS: Miss you guys...