Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Humpday!

I have some kind of strange happies today... let's just say sometimes it helps to look on the bright side of things. 

  • I'm happy I bought frozen chicken nuggets for the 1st time a few months ago because Van chomped them for dinner accompanied by a crying Emery with a very bad earache... and it took me 1 minute to make them.  :)
  • I'm happy I have leftovers in my fridge. 
  • I'm happy I have a pediatrician's office who should be able to get me in 1st thing in the morning. 
  • I'm happy that my ultra sweet husband's reaction to "I dropped my iPhone in the toilet" was "Well, if it doesn't dry out and work we'll buy you a new one."   Seriously?  No lecture or anything.  Where'd I find him anyway?
  • I'm happy I got to do birthday shopping and lunch with just my mom yesterday.  Such a fun tradition and I love spending that time with my mom every year.  
  • I'm happy that I broke down and bought good shampoo and conditioner.  I haven't washed my hair for almost 4 days and it isn't even greasy yet!  
  • I'm REALLY happy that I have book club tomorrow night.  My mom and I are hosting and we read Peter Pan - the original text, that is.  Best night of every month!
Hope your Thursday includes outings to somewhere other than the pediatrician's office!  :)


Janssen said...

Oooh, what shampoo & conditioner? I need to know. . .

Mark & Bek said...

Hope you make it through the night ok tonight. I love you!

Lindsay said...

Nice things to be happy about!

What's the magic shampoo and conditioner??

Lindsay said...

Oh and also.. I realized today while looking through files on my computer that I addressed our Christmas card to you as the Wimmer family!! Whoops! Sorry about that! I guess I shouldn't have been up late entering those addresses!

r o y a l said...

we (me, mckinley, and megan) all agreed that it is a gift that you didn't get a lecture for the phone thing. Not only would we all have gotten a lecture, but we'd be rocking stone age phones for the next few years as well!