Sunday, February 8, 2009

a busy week (in stacey style)

my friend stacey h. did the cutest post on her blog, so i thought i'd do something similar. i haven't posted in a while so here is an update on our busy week.

aaron: tried to avoid studying for the inevitable GMAT he'll be taking on Valentine's Day (yes folks, we're THAT romantic!) but did catch up on his other homework, play with his girls and straightened up the house quite a bit, took britt to an accounting event for PwC, interviewed with PwC for their summer leadership program, worked, climbed, went to ward choir and surprised britt by shacking up with the tenors (i really thought he was a bass), made his wife a delicious "grand slam breakfast" at home when the wait at denny's for the free one was 2 hours (we called at 6:45 am)

emery: learned how to give high fives, pushed the stroller around the mall for almost an hour (someday she'll walk - promise!), got stomach flu and barfed on mommy and her dinner on top of still having her icky cold with cough and runny nose, wined a lot (because of sicknesses previously listed - i hope), may have said "more", took a few steps on her own between things, clapped her hands, stomped her feet and rolled her arms with the rest of the kids at toddler time at the library - and "shook her sillies out" too (too cute!), learned to play on The ABC Zoo on the computer and mimicked a bunch of different animal sounds

britt: fell in love with the buy low market (i love 2 lbs for $1 bell peppers), slacked off on early morning gym going (i was really tired this week!), worked through 100+ pages of historical essays and became a "footnote babysitter" to a couple of professional historians who apparently struggle with correct citation methods, took an hour and half nap one day instead of working (whoops!), ate a delicious 5-alarm cheeseburger and unlimited fries at red robin with aaron (mmmm.... drool...) and watched "The Court Jester" (thanks Mary and Barney!)

our grand slam breakfast

mr. clean

em loves food

another sweet buy low market purchase - a $5 blow up chair for emery. she loves it.

my two favorite people in the world


Janssen said...

Yay PwC :)

I bet Aaron will be SO glad when the GMAT is over. I was so relieved when the GRE was behind me.

And I love the Court Jester. One of my all time favorites.

Great post!

kathywim said...

Loved your post! but especially the pics of Emery Mae. Hope she is feeling better this coming week!

Clare said...

We miss having Red Robin so close. There's one about an hour away in Green Bay, and we haven't been there yet. I guess it keeps a little more money in our checkbook though...

Heather said...

I love the Court Jester. That is a hilarious movie!

Kristi Chase said...

What a busy week! I loved the picture of Em on her new chair, what a cutie! (also glad she is feeling better). I must check out this buy low market, sounds fantastic.

Amy said...

such cute pictures!! i love the one with em and food everywhere. remember how you use to out eat the rest of us? always? i'm so glad you passed it down to your adorable daughter.

BreAnna said...

I fell in love with the cheap produce too!!! I have one gigantic bag of bell peppers waiting for me.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked "The Court Jester". Yay for Buy Low!