Saturday, January 17, 2009

1 year of Emery

I love how people usually do a string of pics from the whole 1st year of their child's life... so here it is! I can't believe this post has come (3 weeks + late) and how big our tiny 6 1/2 lb baby has gotten!

our favorite newborn pic. just minutes old.

1 month old

2 months and smiling

3 months and finally chubby

4 months and adventuring

5 months and laughing... hysterically!

6 months and sitting up

7 months and independent

8 months and hiking

9 months and eating sticks... and anything else she can get her hands on

10 months and spunky

11 months and adorable

1 year old... so big and on a sugar high! (she stayed up 3 1/2 hours after her birthday cupcake in las vegas! yikes!)


Janssen said...

It's so funny to see those pictures because she looks SO MUCH THE SAME. She's bigger, sure, but her face and expressions have clearly been there from the minute she was born!

Kelli Radmall said...

So cute! Congrats on the birthday Emery. She is seriously adorable.

Mark & Bek said...

I am such a nerd. I got teary looking at all those pictures. Love you all

Cari and Justin Sorensen said...

That was so cute to see her pics from the past year! She is SO adorable! Hopefully we can see you guys before she gets too much bigger!

Rachel said...

i loved the's crazy how much they change and can still see that little new born babe you first set eyes on in the hospital. emery is a beauty! I'm glad to see she enjoyed her cake party.

Amanda said...

So freaking cute!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness she is getting so big. That is so fun to have the photos showing her growing up. Glad to see you guys are doing well!

Garrett and Jessica said...

What a true girl. ;)

HW said...

You should have 10 kids Britt--especially if they are anything like Emery. The world needs more of yours and Aaron's offspring!

(But of course, it's up to you. I'll stop butting in now...)

The Strongs said...

That girl is so cute. It's funny to see the pictures of her growing up because she doesn't even start to look like her for a few months. PS, I don't know how you add all those photos in one post because when I add over six, it takes way long and my computer usually freaks out. If you want to teach me a faster way, I'd be down