Wednesday, February 18, 2009

valentines day weekend

we had a really fun valentines day weekend! my mom and dad came to town to see emery (and us too, i guess) and we had a blast! here are some pics!

ALSO - Aaron took the GMAT and got the score he needed to get into the school he wanted. as soon as we're sure he's in we'll reveal to the world where we're headed next! :) I'm so proud of him!

the view from our table at "the roof" restaurant in SLC

aren't my parents so cute? i love them.

i also love emery's face when she ate creme brulee - haha.

pooped out.

cute emery after she woke up from a nap in her stroller

and we aren't sure why emery does this with her fingers when she walks around, but it sure is cute!

really, more? yes.... more. emery signed "more" FINALLY and she learned her 1st (English) word (she usually speaks "emery") besides mom and dad - no. how fitting for my spunky girl, huh?

and emery pretty much thinks her dad is the funniest thing that ever lived. this is hilarious. listen for her squeal! :)


Janssen said...

Congrats on the good GMAT score. You know I'm dying to know what the dream school is. :)

kathywim said...

Another girl who has a string tied directly to her dad's heart! Maybe it is hereditary!! She just delights with glee when she sees her dad....just as it should be.

The Rust said...

YUMMM, the Roof! I love that she is WALKING!!!!!

Lindsay said...

What a fancy dinner! I want to eat there and be able to have such a gorgeous view, and eat some creme brulee! Your parents seriously are SO cute!

janaemadsen said...

your daughter is so cute. i love the yellow shirt. Maybe you guys will come to scranton PA where we will be.

Mark & Bek said...

Good job Aaron! Nice to have it out of the way? I really like the video of her walking around. She looks so cute.

Rachel said...

All I have to say is SHE IS SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!!!!!

The Lorenzen'z said...

The squealing is so funny...and the fingers while she it!

Kayley said...

I didn't realize you had this blog too- I'm glad I found it! The pictures of Emery are too cute!

the firths said...

congrats aaron. best of luck with waiting for word back. we're excited to hear where you're headed next.

Colette said...

My little brother called and told me the whole story right after it happened. He was really excited. You guys are lucky that you got new carpet, because when we lived there it was GROSS! I can't believe you have met my future sister-in-law before me! I guess that is what we get for moving out of Utah.

Aaron, congrats on the GMAT scores!