Thursday, January 8, 2009

i heart coupons!!!!

so, i've recently gotten into couponing... and i love it. i'm not a die hard, but i do use them almost every time i shop and i get some pretty sweet deals. nothing makes me happier than free (or crazy cheap) stuff. i love it. here's what i have gotten this week.

bag of 3 musketeers minis (for Aaron's birthday) - $1
loreal vive pro shampoo and conditioner - $1 each
2 bottles loreal kids shampoo - $1 each
garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner - $1 each
box of kleenex brand tissues with lotion (deluxe!) - $0.54
2 Reach toothbrushes - $0.50 each
2 Johnson's Buddies soap - FREE
8 pack of Juicy Juice - FREE
16 bottles of Sobe Life Water - FREE
10 Soy Joy protein bars - i MADE $3 - yes they paid me $3 to take them home. sweet.
the joy and satisfaction of getting free stuff - PRICELESS!!!!!!


Janssen said...

And. . . are you going to share your secrets? :)

Where do you get your coupons? Newspaper? Mail? You know I want free things!

Super Angie said...

You are my hero!!! I hope to be like you someday...

BrittWilk said...

thank you, thank you, all! i have a few couponing mentors so i really can't take much of the credit.

secrets... i use (utah only), but i'd suggest for you TX and AK folks. it's fun!

Michelley said...

I love pinchingyourpennies!! My favorite website :-) There were some awesome deals last week at Albies. Too bad we don't live close anymore and we could shop together :-) Have you gotten into rebates yet? They paid for our Christmas this year :-)