Friday, June 27, 2008

fun at lava point

This last weekend we were able to go camping at Lava Point - a beautiful little spot on the mesa past Kolob and overlooking Zion. Once we got unlost and some nice canyoneers took pity on us and let us share their campsite, help us set up our tent, told us how cute Emery is and even fed us dinner we had a lot of fun! :) (We're normally very self-sufficient campers, however, it was getting late and the mercy and help were greatly appreciated since Emery was soooo ready to be out of the car.)

The next morning we went and saw the condors - endangered birds whose wingspans can reach nearly 10 feet - about 30 of which (out of only a few hundred still alive) live right near lava point. We also enjoyed visiting a ward in La Verkin, UT. They made us feel more than welcome and were mostly just sad that we were visiting and not there to stay! (It seemed like they don't get new ward members very often.)

Emery was a happy camper once again and it was fun to explore a new place we'd never been to together before. I love my family! :)

I know this looks like blank sky, but enlarge it and you'll see 2 condors flying! Pretty cool!

Emery overjoyed to be out of the car seat and enjoying sundown, a fuzzy blanket and the cool grass at Lava Point.

A short 5 minute walk from our tent and we had this beautiful view of the start of Zion canyon from the top of the mesa.

Our 2 favorite things in the morning - a view of the "outdoor woods" from our tent door and our beautiful daughter.


Janssen said...

Britt, she is getting so big and she is SO cute!

Becky said...

Wow!! How fun! What a beautiful sight of your sweet girl and in such a beautiful place! I love that you're having adventures as a family...your kids are so lucky! Hope you're all well.

David & Maggi said...

We also excaped to the mountains this weekend. How disappointing it was to return to the heat. Looks beautiful. You need to pack us along one of these weekends. David would love to go camping and I must say we dominate and camping breakfast!

Adam and Rachel said...

lots of fun! I love the last picture of emery...soo...cute!

bekah said...

Aren't nice strangers the best! I wish we could go camping with you.

janaemadsen said...

I am so proud of you guys for going outside so much!

Adam and Rachel said...

love the new pictures and sites. emery is so pretty!!! i love her eyes!!