Friday, June 27, 2008

6 months cute!!!!

this is Emery - on june 29th I turned 6 months cute... I mean old! :) I just wanted to report my fat stats and some of my new tricks (in the last couple of weeks), so here they are!!

weight: 16 lbs 6 oz
height: 26 in
head: 44.2 cm

new tricks:
  1. no more swaddling - i've been struggling to sleep through the night for 2 months and my mom couldn't figure out why. well, she finally did when she realized i'm WAY to old to sleep swaddled anymore. i'm sleeping like a baby once again and i don't wake up cranky and frustrated because i can't use my arms. silly mom. she's new at this.

  2. my first 2 teeth broke through. my funny mom didn't even know i was teething and she cried when i bit her and she felt my teeth for the 1st time. something about "she's growing up too fast..."

  3. i rolled over for the first time (from my back to my tummy). boy was mommy surprised and daddy and grandma loved when i did it for them too. i'm still kind of sneaky about it and i only do it when i feel like it.

  4. i can sit up! yahoo!!! freeeeedom!!!!

  5. i love to mimic. my favorite is to mimic my grandma wimmer singing but i also mimic when people shake their head "no" and other noises.

  6. i grunt and growl to tell mom and dad when i want something. i'm very opinionated.

basically i'm not a baby anymore. i'm a big girl now, but don't tell my mommy and daddy because it makes them sad that i'm growing up so fast!


staceylea said...


Did you take a diaper-only picture? I like to see your cute, chubby leg rolls. :) You are growing up so well & so fast! Happy teething from me (owner of just 24 teeth due to various extractions within the last 5 years) and Jacob (who has 6 teeth now)!

P.S. No more biting your neat mom, at least not on purpose. :)

Jeanie Nelson said...

Ultimate Cuteness! And I'm talking about mommy and baby. (Okay, Aaron, you're cute, too).

Jewell is the same size as Emery (except Jewell is one inch taller!) Hopefully Jewell will be sitting up and not being swaddled within a month, too (she still loves the burrito-look, but she's sleeping through the night so I can't complain).

By the way, my best wishes on the passing of your sweet Grandma. The photo of her with Emery is very thought-provoking (youth contrasted with age).

Cari & Justin Sorensen said...

It was great to see you three this past weekend. We really do miss you all, it's too bad we didn't hang out as much as we could have. We will in the future though. I checked your blog and Emery is so cute. She has grown up so fast, it's too bad they grow so fast.