Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Annual WWW Family Reunion - Kansas City Style

My wonderful Wimmer Grandparents fund an annual reunion every year for their 6 kids (my dad being the oldest) and their families. It rotates between the home cities of their kids every year. The rotation this year hit the Alan and Heather Wimmers who recently moved to Prairie Village, Kansas where they live and my uncle rides his bike across the state line into Kansas City, Missouri every day to practice one of the many things he does best - electrocardiology. We went 2 days early to tour the LDS church sites at Adam-ondi-Ahman, Liberty Jail, Indepedence and Far West with some of the family until the rest of the bunch showed up for the big party... which included lots of good food, good company, catching up with family and a family talent show - which may have to be a yearly event because, man, was it fun!!! :) Thanks to Uncle Al, Aunt Heather, Mariah, Eliza, Willa and Wyatt for being wonderful hosts. Especially to Willa for letting us steal her room for a few nights. We love you guys and can't wait until next year!

Side note about Kansas City, KS vs. Kansas City, MO - they are very different, we came to find out. There is a road called "State Line Road" - a 2 lane road that literally divides the two - and KS maintains their side of the street while MO maintains their side. The KS side is very clean, green grass, they plow their snow in the winter, etc. The MO side, however, the grass is dead, the street is dirty and they apparently don't plow their snow in the winter. Interesting.

At Adam-ondi-Ahman... hopefully not the last time we'll be there! :)

Aaron and "Emery Teresa" during the talent show. Man, that girl loves her daddy!

Mariah, Eliza and I doing a dance to "Thriller" during the talent show. I wish I would have been more fun when I was their age so I guess you could say that now I'm making up for lost fun!
Uncle Bry (a.k.a. my little brother) with Emery and Miles squished into our rental van


David & Maggi said...

I miss the church history trip now!

The Andersens said...

How fun! That would be so much fun to go visit the sites someday.

I'm glad you put a picture up of your brother! I haven't seen him in forever! He's definitely grown a little since I last saw him. haha

janaemadsen said...

so many posts- I like the dancing photo. Who took your picture?