Sunday, February 24, 2008

My New Friends

Hi all - Emery here! So, I'm sooooo excited because I've had so many friends born lately and I just wanted write about how excited I am! These are some of my forever friends and I can't wait to meet them!

This is my cousin Miles (my mom's brother Matt and wife Amy's little dude). He is 2 weeks younger than me. We're going to meet for the first time in just 8 days! I'm so excited!

This is Angela. She is just a few days younger than me. Mom and Dad's friends Adam and Rachel are her parents. Dad and Adam served in the Philippines, Angeles Mission together.

This is Jewell. We are exactly 1 month apart and she belongs to mom and dad's climbing buddies Jeanie and Travis.

This is baby Russ. He was just born yesterday, so that would make us 8 weeks apart! He is mommy's best friend Bekah's little guy. Cute, huh? I might have my first crush. :)


staceylea said...


I believe before your birth your parents had discussed betrothal to both a Mr. Liam F. and myself, and we are older than you. But, if you like a younger man, I say go for it (in a few years anyways). Your friends and cousin look like they are nice, and maybe I'll run into you & them at a library lapsit some time.

-Jacob H.

emerywilk said...

Jacob H -

This is true! I seem to be betrothed to many men. It will either be reverse polygomy or I will have some difficult decisions to make in my young adulthood. I'd have to say you and Liam F. have one up on Russ G. because you ARE older. I'll keep that in mind!

staceylea said...

Emery W.,

It's shame my mom and dad have to post for me. I obviously lack the manual dexterity that you have.

I don't think that polyandry works very well in our society, not to mention our faith, but apparently it does work in some more primitive African societies where population control becomes desirable. (Or so mom tells me. They don't cover that stuff in my board books.) Both of us will probably have several siblings, so if things don't work out with us, maybe our parents could still marry off some of the younger ones to each other.

-Jacob H.

Michelley said...

So fun to have so many friends so close to her! I love little newborns!! So I think I saw you out running the other day, but I wasn't 100% it was you and didn't want to yell out your name in case it wasn't. Anyway, if it was I'm way impressed your already out exercising!! Don't you love the good weather!!

Amy and Jeff said...

Emery W and Jacob H-

In the event that a romantic relationship does not develop between the two of you, I am SAL (single and looking). I am interested in a man who can change his own diaper and someone who shares my common interests: midnight parties, bathtubbing and crawling around town.

Lily P.

The Dynamic Trio said...


Stewart's said...

Well Emery is looking cuter and cuter everyday I am way happy that everything is going so well for you guys.I can't wait til we have a little one too.

staceylea said...


I was writing because you recently had your two month birthday and I wanted to hear how you celebrated. I'm sorry my mommy and I have been sick. We're getting better so hopefully I can come play soon. Tell your parents that mine said hello.


Jacob H.

My daddy almost applied to graduate school at Emory. I thought it was fun you have the same name as a school, even though it is spelled differently.