Thursday, August 2, 2012


Most of you probably already know we're moving back to Utah (this weekend!) where my hubby will get his dream job of becoming a small business owner.  We are thrilled!!! 

But I'm already missing a few people...  :(  And lots of other people not pictured.  I'm so lucky to have such great friends.

My Maggi (and Jack and Liam)

Julie (and the 5 little J's)

Marissa (and Ty)

Sonna (and Ruthie and Reg)


HW said...

Oh, good luck moving! You are lucky that you know some of the great things you'll be gaining, in addition to being sad for some of the dear people and things you are losing.

Rob and Tami Stewart said...

I hope things are going well! Wish we could join you back in UT!

Mary said...

Aaahhhh! Why am I just reading this now? Are you here now? Where are you guys living? I want to see you soon!

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

I failed to know any of this!!! And I am sad because we just moved to CA!!! I am excited for all of you to start you newest adventures!!! Please let us know if you ever come to OC to visit!

David and Maggi said...

Your Maggi misses you and your kids. :( I need some Izzy love! and some Britt pep talks! Love u!

sonna said...

Aww... that was really sweet Britt, thanks. We're missin you too :( I came on here for a fix. Must update soon!