Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day

 On our way home from Lake Powell we camped up Cedar Canyon near Mammoth Caves.  The kids 1st caving experience was a little sketchy... but I'm sure they'll be more psyched about it when they're older.  :)  We had fun spending time in the great out doors, playing Indians, building a fire, roasting marshmellows and just being together for another day before we had to get back to real life.  

love Em's face in this one
and Van's face in this one
Mammoth Caves are really cool - put it on your to-go list!


Mark & Bek said...

I love that Van is eating a 6 inch sub like an adult. And Emery's face in the last picture is amazing.

David and Maggi said...

lol in the picture of you crouching down in between van and emery roasting mellows at first glance i had a flashback to the yellow pajamas at the cabin in judy's room. good times good times.

Becky said...

Brit, you and your family always make me happy and inspire me to get out and play!! I love reading up on what you've been doing! Hello to Aaron, as well!