Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"The Palace"

So we've had some confusion from our further away friends as to what we'll be doing in Cedar City. We moved to Cedar City for Aaron to attend SUU for 8 months and complete his MA in Accounting. He'll be done in the end of December, so it is a short stay, but we're loving it already.

One of the things we love about it most - our new apartment!! I fondly refer to it as "The Palace". It is amazing. Here are a few pictures and the things I love about it:

  • my huge kitchen counter
  • I have a pantry
  • I have a dishwasher!
  • no stairs
  • close laundry (again with no stairs between)
  • our little porch where we have some veggies growing
  • the big hallway Emery can run down
  • Em has her own "big girl room"
  • we have our own room
  • a bathroom we can all comfortably occupy at once
  • "the nook" - a small area that isn't a bedroom, but easily stores the sewing machine and lots of boxes I don't plan on unpacking at all while we're here - and they're completely out of sight!!!!
  • Wal-Mart, Smiths and Albertsons are all less than 5 minutes away, and so is school for Aaron
from the front door - looking left - "the command center"

from the front door - looking right

the huge counter top - oh yeah, and the rest of the kitchen :)

happy, naked Emery playing in the rocks right outside our front door


Kristi said...

Wow, I love how big your apartment is! I am so glad you have such a nice place to live... and your own room (for now!). Enjoy!

Janssen said...

Awesome! That kitchen is HUGE! Glad you guys are loving Cedar so far.

:o) said...

OOLALA I'm loving your palace. I also love the pic of Emery in the rocks outside..............SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love the new setup. I'm totally jealous about your counter! *sigh* Some day we'll graduate to a counter like that. :)

HW said...

I don't think enough good can be said about having a dishwasher. It's life changing. Or rocks to play with right outside your front door. Congratulations on your big step up in the world. And good luck to Aaron.

janaemadsen said...

that is a fast program! have fun in Cedar City- I think Danielle has those same shoes Emery is wearing. I love having a dishwasher. You'll never go back.

Colette said...

I think most places are a step up from the Villa Rose! I am glad you guys are enjoying it!

bekah said...

Hooray. You deserve a palace. Your home looks very nice. I like the pictures above the computer. Can't wait to see you.

David and Maggi said...

Love the palace. Looks like you have plenty of space for visitors :) It reminds me of David and my first apartment. Ahhh memories! Can't wait to see you!

Brooke said...

Yay! More space! And I'm so glad you keep this up to date. And you are my source for other blogs too! How do you do that neat highlight-the-blog-name-when-they-update-their-site thing?

:) We miss the perfect neighbors! Have fun in the heat. Cedar is just like Kansas when it comes to the heat ... well if you put the water from Lake Powell into the air as well! Holy Humid! Whew!