Saturday, May 9, 2009

now that i have internet...

i'll start trying to catch up after the big move to cedar city! 1st matter of business - our trip to arches with the Dicous and the Williams' before we left. we seriously had a blast!

we taught the williams' and the dicous how to play settlers. sorry, andrea, but i think this deal is a no go.

the business man in action. he got really mad when he rolled a 7 holding 20+ cards in his hands, but he loved the game. 29th warders - someone invite them over to play!

our hotel room with 3 queen beds. coolests sleepover. ever.

the hiking crew on devil's garden

us and sister d... and landscape arch in the background


sweet pregnant climbing skills... not. :)

and this video is hilarious. please enjoy our rendition of "how firm a foundation". 11:45 pm and counting.


The Lorenzen'z said...

that looked like a way fun hiking adventure...bummed we missed out :o)

Kristi said...

What a fun time! Joseph and I love that game too! Maybe we should have the bish over!