Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

It was our year to be with Aaron's family for Thanksgiving and it was a blast! All 6 of Aaron's siblings and their families were in town and we ate and talked and played and just enjoyed spending time together. It was wonderful! I'm so thankful to have a family-in-law that I love so much! One of the highlights of the weekend for me was watching Emery play with her cousins. She LOVES other kids and just played all day with her older cousins and loved it!

the whole crew

aaron and his sibs

the domestic divas in front of the feast we created! (lindsey, mom and i)

all of the pies were delicious. see that beautiful one on the far left. yep, i made that. we'll call it beginner's luck!

emery wanted to hold railay. he wasn't sure what to think about it, but she loved it!

em playing in the sand thingy at the dinosaur museum at thanksgiving point
us at thanksgiving point
one of the cute family pics we took (thanks mom for taking them and amy for making em smile so cute!). if i show them all now what would you look forward to in our family news year's letter?

the cutest girl ever in the leaves


stacey said...

It just dawned on me that Jacob and Emery both have smiles that just transform their faces into something unbelieveably adorable. I always notice this about my son, but it was so fun to see so many pics of smiling Em. Wish we could get another picture of them together soon! The family pic of you guys is super, so I am excited to see more! :)

Amykins said...


Garrett and Jessica said...

I remember you telling me about the family Thanksgivings on Aaron's side... glad to see you had a good one!

Katja said...

Wow, the picture of the cooks make you look like a crazy cook with those red eyes. Looks like you really enjoyed your time.

Amanda said...

Your daughter is so freaking cute!

The Lorenzen'z said...

What cute pictures! K, now you should tell me how you lost your mommy pooch so quickly. I'm obviously not concerned about that now, but just for future reference. You're amazing! And lovely :o)

Anonymous said...

Very fun and very cute