Tuesday, December 16, 2008

smart emery

so up until recently i, probably not so kindly, refered to my sweet girl as "slow". she crawled slow, i couldn't get her to clap for forever, etc. so i would joke that she is slow. she has proved me wrong in the last few weeks and has mastered so many things she was only sort of understanding and has learned quite a few new things as well. i can't believe she's 1 in a few weeks. i love being her mom more than anything and i feel like we're having so much fun lately just playing and loving each other. we were having so much fun tonight that i got her all wound up and she went to bed 2 hours late. whoops! at least she got to go to brian todd's birthday, though!
the smarty pants' new tricks:
  • mastered clapping
  • mastered waving bye bye (most of the time)
  • has mimicked the sign for "more"
  • she "talks" - like we should know what she is saying, mimicking the intonation in our voices
  • she "reads" books to herself outloud
  • says mama and dada
  • can walk holding on to just one of our hands
  • tells us when she's ready for a nap or bed by finding and cuddling her blankey on the floor (she's been doing this for a while). the last few days she's actually crawled to her crib a couple of times when she was ready for bed, too.
  • loves to unroll the toilet paper in the bathroom.
  • figured out she can climb up on things to get to something out of reach.
  • stack toys by size
  • tries to put on any clothes that are on the floor - it's hilarious
  • loves to have anyone chase her - especially mommy around the bed when i'm trying to change her diaper. she laughs HYSTERICALLY!!! it's so cute.
  • only wants to read Fancy Nancy at bed time and gets mad if we read anything else
  • points to various pictures of Jesus in the Ensign when you ask "where's Jesus?"
  • does "how big is emery?" (see video)

so cute in dad's beanie

so big!

what mom?

how big is emery?

where's jesus?


Kimberly said...

Emery is growing so fast! I love the so-big. Congrats on loving to play with Emery. It can be hard sometimes. :)

Amanda said...

She is so adorable. I am glad someone is raising, smart and wonderful girls so all my cute nephews will have people to date someday. Good job.

Mark & Bek said...

Oh my word. She is the cutest ever. Watching her flip through the magazine like a little woman makes me laugh. What a smart little girl

Rachel said...

that is one cute and SMART girl!

David and Sammy said...

That is so adorable!! She IS smart just like her mom!

Kelli Radmall said...

Those are such cute pictures and videos. Isn't it crazy how fast they pick things up, almost all at once. Emery is FAR from slow. I love that she tries to put clothes on that are on the floor. That's pretty funny. It's ok that you have called her slow once in a while. I have been calling Felicity Snaggletooth which is a not very nice name and I hope it doesn't stick...but she doesn't have her center top teeth, just one side one. I'm getting worried.

janaemadsen said...

I love the "where's Jesus" part- how cute!

HW said...

I love, love, love one year olds. And yours is particularly sweet. The only time they aren't the best thing ever is during sacrament meeting. Only 6 months till nursery!

Amykins said...

Awwww! You're lil' squirrel is growing up!!! She's sooo adorable! I can't believe all the things that she can do. They just make her even cuter!!

Kim said...

How cute. Isn't it crazy how one week they can grow and learn soo fast!

Parkers said...

Oh, she's getting so big, Britt! The sign for "more" was by far the one that simplified our life the most-- and what a smart girl being able to recognize Jesus!

Amy Workman said...

What a cutie!