Saturday, August 16, 2008

peak bagging

This is Britt posting under Aaron's name since this was Aaron's adventure!

Aaron and my dad (and company) got to go "peak bagging" for a week at the end of July and the beginning of August. My dad is in the U.S. High Pointers club - a group of enthusiasts who try to hike the highest peak in all 50 states - and he needed to complete Borah (ID) and Granite (MT) and decided that his fun-loving son-in-law needed to go with him. I'm so lucky that my dad and my husband get along so well and have so much fun together. They were so cute planning the trip, packing their gear and getting excited to go, so I thought I'd post a few pictures. Granite was pretty technical and they had to rope up (because of exposure) to summit and did 3 100 foot repels to get of the top. Pretty cool!!

what a miserable place to hike, eh?

one of my handsome hubby's famous self-shots

at the top of Granite. and yes, my dad's helmet was crooked... in every picture. haha.

AND I THINK WE'VE FOUND AARON'S FUTURE!!!! (in case he changes his mind about accounting, that is)

In documentary film making:

And in photography:

Note about the goats: Apparently the goats were hilarious. You wouldn't see any around and then you'd go to the bathroom on a rock and they would come running from every direction, butting each other out of the way to come lick up your pee!


the firths said...

Wow that is beautiful up there. Kudos to Aaron and dad on the climb! Nice job getting so close to those goats. Stealth cinementography at its finest :) We played settlers for the first time since playing with you guys in Provo and it really just wasn't the same. It really made us miss you guys. We love Wilks!

Rachel said...

goats are fun!!! haha...

Stewart's said...

haha! That's great!

The Rust said...

OH, how I wish I could be there now. Josh and I need to hike this peak one day.It look BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the pictures!