Sunday, August 31, 2008

leaving las vegas

It was a great summer in Las Vegas! I was so glad we were able to spend so much time with my family and have them get to know our little critter so well. My parents were amazing to house us and feed us all summer and we saved so much money because of it. My brother and sister-in-law and their kids were amazing to put us to work - me with tutoring their kids and Aaron with fixing stuff around their house. I'm so glad we got to watch their 3 kids grow up some this summer, even if it was only for 4 months.

Despite this though, we're glad to be back to our little life! Like Aaron and I always say to each other, "Life is good with you" and we're excited to be back in our little apartment, going to school, playing with our squirrelly girly and just loving each other.

I posted pictures of all of our summer fun with my family, but here are a few odds and ends.... including some projects I finished at the end of the summer.

Project #1: "Jer-Friendly Recipes: Approved recipes for your picky eater". This is a recipe book that was a culmination of a summer's-worth of research to find some things my brother likes to eat. Let's just say he's a little bit picky. I had some success though and I made a recipe book for my sister-in-law, Melissa, so she knew the recipes I made that he liked.

Project #2: The Grandbaby Wall!! Mel and I did this for my mom for her birthday and it turned out so cute! If any one can afford to do one of these and wants to hire me I'm available! :)

Em loves Uncle Bry (fondly known as the UPT - "Uncle of Poot'n'Tootie")

Grandpa and his Poot'n'Tootie

Jacob and Em playing with the camera

Jacob, Emma and Abe on a fun day at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve

This is how I found Grandma and Emery one afternoon. Haha.

My mom's learning to use her knew fancy-shmancy camera and she took some pictures of Emery and I. Good job, Mom!


Super Angie said...

What a great summer! Time with family is awesome. Steve and I come down from Alaska every summer, and we get some great quality family time.

bekah said...

Cute cute cute. I especially love the one with Grandma and Emery sleeping.

kathywim said...

What a fun summer you must have had at your obviously fabulous parental home. I am sure they must miss you terribly. EEEEMMMMMEEEEERRRRYYYYYY.....wwee mmmiiiisssssssss yyyoooouuuu!!!!!!! By the way, the absolutely treasured gkid wall you and Mel created is in the process of being perfected with my clever balancing tools and I will send you a new picture where the pics don't look crooked!!!!! Your mother loves you!

Jewell Nelson said...
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Jewell Nelson said...

I always love sleeping pictures.

Everyone not Britt and Emery's cute matching ears!

DaBell Family said...

Wow--I loved all the new pics! It looks like your summer was a blast. I was just glad that we got to see you before we moved. I hope the move to Provo went smoothly and that you are adjusting to being "alone!"

PS-Darling gift for your mom--what a fabulous idea! When our ship comes in, I will have to hire you to do it in our home. ;) haha.

jennandmarkmiyamoto said...

Hi Wilkinson's! I love all the pictures! I just wanted to let you know that I'm using your page to get to everyone else's pages. I hope you don't mind, it's just that you have everybody in the ward!

David & Maggi said...

I can't beleive you were here all summer and we never really did anything. I'm such a loser. How depressing. David is pretty upset too! We will probably see each other more now that you have moved back to Utah. Sad but true. I miss you!!!

Grama Linda said...

I love all the cute pictures...especially Grandma Kathy
(I love you Kathy!!) and Emery. Emery is so beautiful!!! I can't believe that you guys were here all summer and we didn't get together once. We are such slackers!!! Just know how much we love you... Ally is still in Provo, so I'll have to come and see you when I visit.
Love You Tons!