Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Happy belated 4th of July!! We were lucky to have a GREAT 4th of July weekend this year. Thursday we got to go rock climbing in our favorite canyon, Maple Canyon and then camped there Thursday night. Our time in Maple was one of the most perfect days Aaron and I have ever spent together - beautiful weather, our favorite rock climbing, yummy dinner, reading together next to the camp fire and then curling up next to each other in our little tent on either side of our Emery for the night. It was picture perfect!

The rest of the weekend we spent with Aaron's family. Friday we spent the day at 7 Peaks water park. Saturday morning Aaron went wake boarding and then that afternoon we all headed up to Sundance where Em and I rode a ski lift for the 1st time. Sunday we got to visit our BYU 29th Ward and we got so excited to come back home after the summer is over. It was a great weekend. Thanks to Mom and Dad Wilkinson for making it possible and to the whole dang fam for being the most amazing family-in-law anyone could have. If I could have hand picked them they are exactly who I would have picked, so.... Grammy, Mom, Dad, Summer, Garrett, Austin, Harrison, Missy, Ashton, Hyrum, Tiffiny, Josh, Weston, Ammon, Lindsey, Josh, North, Chelsey and Amy - I LOVE YOU!!!

I love my sisters-in-law! Amy, Chelsey, me, Lindsey, Tiffiny, Summer

The married sisters - me (6 months post-pregnant), Lindsey (due next week), Tiff (due Sept) and Summer (due December)

The whole family

Em loves her Aunt Amy

Emery loves her Grandmama


Stewart's said...

She is getting so big, and so cute! I'd like to see her in person one of these days!
I'm glad you had such a fun 4th!

the firths said...

What a beautiful baby and a gorgeous family. I loved looking at your pictures. Emery is so cute, her expressions are so animated. I am so glad that you got that 4 generation picture- what an amazing thing. That will be something you cherish for years. We miss you guys!

P.S.-Britt your arms look so toned!- Way to go hot mama!

Cari & Justin Sorensen said...

Fun pictures!!!
It was soo fun to see you guys this weekend, we were so glad that you came to the ward so we could!! Emery is so adorable and getting so big!

kathywim said... do have a wonderful in-law family. Looking at the pics of all the sisters, Britt, you look like a 6th sister! (which of course they consider that you are). You are truly blessed to have married Aaron (and his family) cause he gave you such an adorable Emery. We all just want to kiss her cheeks, even in the pics!

Natalie Gifford said...

Cute blog. I stumbled upon yours looking at Brandi's blog. I added you to our friends list. If you care to do the same, feel free...


Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

Ok you've got some great family pictures. Emery has the most beautiful blue eyes. Lucky her. Love the pics.

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh! Those are some cute, cute pictures! You have a beautiful little family! I was cracking up about the picture of the pregnant girls and you with Emery!