Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Best of Emery's 1st Week

Emery's first week home has been great. The Lord has truly blessed us with an angel baby who quickly figured out sleeping and eating... leaving her new parents pretty well rested. She is really alert for a newborn and has several hours of awake time every day in which she's always so content and happy! She is so much fun to have around and Aaron and I think she's the stinking cutest thing that ever was! Here are some pictures to prove it! :)

It only took Emery about 3 days to find her hand to suck on... and only about 4 days to find her thumb. Her newborn dexterity doesn't allow her the control necessary to keep the thumb, so she settles for sucking on her fingers and knuckles most of the time. Grandpa Wimmer calls it "Suck a knuck".

Okay... this hat is way to hilarious with her tiny head and body! Thanks again for the cute hat, Amy!

Emery hates sponge baths but she loves having her hair washed!

Em posing for daddy's picture-taking frenzy.

Grandma, I like kisses! I promise! I don't know why I'm making this face!

We think her squished burping face is so funny... especially when she falls asleep like that!


Amy and Jeff said...

She really is stinkin' cute! She looks just like the two of you. She's going have to boys wrapped around her teeny tiny little fingers :)

David & Maggi said...

She is such a Wimmer baby...I feel like she is Britt all over again. She is also long and skinny like our Britta. I love her so much. Can't wait to see her again.

Colette Hartman said...

I hate how i have not been over to see you and your beautiful baby and I live across the parking lot! Congrats on have a cute little girl!

Crystal said...

we second the last comment.. but we live right next door. Sorry we're lame. She's so cute though!! We're really excited for you both!!

clark said...

If it wasn't for your blog I wouldn't believe you guys have a baby. I have yet to hear Emery make a sound during the night, or anytime during the day for that matter! You guys must be spectacular parents!

The Dynamic Trio said...

Oh my goodness she looks JUST like you!! She is just darling!! I love her teeny tiny body..mmm she's cute!

Kim said...

Britt and Aaron - Congratulations, and I wish I was still in Utah so I could see your sweet baby. She is so beautiful!