Saturday, September 5, 2009


So far, we refer to our baby boy only as "Bloop" (or "Booply" if you're Emery) (fyi - "bloop" is the sound a baby makes in utero when they try and speak while swimming in amniotic fluid - at least according to Aaron). Clearly this is not an acceptable name. Please help us by voting on the right. If you have other good suggestions, post them in the comments.

In other pregnancy news, we're almost there! 37 days! Happy day!

In other Wilkinson family news - Emery has mad style. And she went on the potty once this week. Cross your fingers for me.


Anonymous said...

Way too cute. I miss that little bug!

Parkers said...

A) Lily has that same dress and it is always falling off of her shoulders too!

B) Emmett and Emerson are on our "name list" too. I didn't vote for either one for you though, because they will probably both be shortened to something along the lines of "emmers", which is what Emery is shortened too as well.

C) Can't wait for your baby! Good luck!

Amykins said...

Awww, those are cute names Britto!! I'm glad that you've gotten down some more names! I can't wait to see what name you choose!

David and Maggi said...

Warner is my vote. If you don't use it I might steal it someday. Warner cute. Can't wait to meet him. Thanks for the fashion tips Emery! Love you guys. Gotta go check your recipe blog for some dinner ideas...I'm in a crunch tonight!

Mark & Bek said...

Thanks for letting us vote on your little baby's name. You guys have come up with a great list. Hope I get to see you soon!