Saturday, October 4, 2008

a wounded soldier finds her strength!!

Before last night Emery got from here to there like a soldier whose legs had been wounded in battle. Short demonstration below.

But on the floor of The Quarry (the climbing gym) last night she regained the use of her legs! :) Here's the video from this morning (obviously we didn't have the video camera at the climbing gym with us, but we were psyched that - like her parents - Emery finds her inspiration from climbing. haha.) And yes, like the dorky mom that I am, I totally got teary! I can't believe how big she's getting!

Other fun videos below... since we haven't posted any in a while. Some recent, some not so recent.

This one is from June... disgusting, but hilarious! (Watch her nose if you aren't seeing it.)

She's learning how to climb up on stuff. Here's a good crash and burn (from our camera instead of our video camera so it's grainy... sorry!).

Here's the kind of thing that typically happens when I leave Em with dad to go to the gym. Nice do girly!

Okay... this one is a little long, but it's hilarious to watch her bonk heads with herself in the mirror!


Rachel said...

Those videos are too cute! it's like seeing her in person. funny girl!

Cyndie said...

So Cute! Congrats to you all on the crawling :).

Mark & Bek said...

She is getting much too big! But still so cute. The army crawl is the cutest thing I've ever seen

The Rust said...

I watched all of them. I loved what Aaron did to her hair.

Nate and Starlie said...

Yay! She's crawling, she looks so cute and determined!

Adamson Family said...

Fun! Jonas was an army crawler too. Emery is so pretty! Hope your doing well. Adamsons

jennandmarkmiyamoto said...

SHE'S CRAWLING! That's great!