Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Best Two Years....

Today is Aaron and I's 2 year anniversary. We went on a date on Friday night and ate yummy Thai food and saw a very romantic movie... "Transformers". Okay, so it's not romantic, but since "Becoming Jane" was sold out we decided to go for it. Aaron loved it and I can't say quite the same for me, but it made me happy that he really liked it. Today we drove the beautiful Alpine Loop (see picture below) that connects Provo Canyon to American Fork Canyon. The leaves are all changing colors and falling and it was gorgeous!

I am thankful this year to have a husband who always puts me first and whose always positive attitude is contagious... even when he's crazy busy, exhausted and probably should be really grumpy. He is such an example to me in his dedication to so many things - me, school, his calling, our future. He simply amazes me. The thing I'm probably most grateful for, though, is his fun personality and zest for life. The Lord knew I needed someone to mellow me out and make me enjoy life instead of stressing out all the time and Aaron is constantly teaching me how to do that. I just love him and I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend and companion. Happy Aniversary, Aaron!