Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our Wiggle Worm

I keep getting people asking why we haven't updated our blog in a while, so here's the update! No pictures with this post, but check out the "Britt's Belly" feature on the left for the most recent shot.

Our most fun news recently is 2 part. Part 1: Aaron started the Accounting Junior Core. So far it has involved late nights (10:30ish most nights), early mornings (4 or 5), rushing out the door for a frantic ride to class on his bike, lots of recruiting events and a few naps in the library during LONG study days. For me this has meant lots of time to run errands and get a few things done (I'm being optimistic - I'm really missing Aaron). But we hear the 1st month is the worst - and we're already half way through that!

Part 2: Baby Girl Wilk is getting more and more wiggly all the time! She found a new fun game to play with her dad a few nights ago - Aaron pokes her and she kicks back! Aaron also pinned her between his hands until she realized she was pinned and jerked away. I've never seen Aaron's face more excited and more in love with anything. She's got him wrapped around her finger already. We're having fun being pre-parents! Her nickname of choice is still "Shark Bait", which will probably stick unless it makes us look like really abusive parents - we'll see!


Mark & Bek said...

You guys are cute. We still can't feel ours move with our hands yet. I can feel him move all day long, but not from the outside. AND, If your belly button still hasn't popped, than I think i beat you. Mine is officially an outy.

Amy and Jeff said...

We're so glad to find your blog! You two are so fun!

Jeff and Amy Parker (http://theparkerzarker.blogspot.com)

marizasmom said...

Hooray! You posted! More, more, more!

You are the cutest, skinniest pregnant girl I know.

Loves from us all-

the firths said...

I heart wilks! I love your. I was just saying I was dying to see your belly and I totally lucked out! You are the cutest little pregnant lady!